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I'm Skylar, Cosmetologist and LMT, ever the optimist, top bread in the sibling sandwich, aficionado of Disney movies. My passion is creativity and compassion and I own a mobile day spa where I love practicing nail art and facials and massage. Other things that are awesome: God, my family, the people (and animals,) that I love, Mexican food, reading, writing, vocabulary, (diction, syntax, and literary devices- oh my!) the cabin and the stars at night, macaroni and steak and green beans, vintage, Modern Family, Vibram shoes, crafting, Dr. Pepper, lots of Dr. Pepper. :)

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    Today I was feeling lazy and wasn’t planning on doing anything fancy but when I started doing my minimal makeup (brows and base) I got a little carried away. *sigh. I always do! I just love makeup! Anyway, I used Jane Iredale as per usual for all the powder and liquid makeup beside the mascara- which is cover girl, the 24 hour kind, which is AH-MAZING! 

    But the interesting part of today’s look is that I used the bronzer quad, Sunbeam for my eyes cheeks and lips. Hence the peachy look. I liked how in contrasted with the blue shirt I was wearing. Plus name one person who doesn’t look great in peach! Tip? It’s [peach] an instant brightener. I think I am getting sick, but that doesn’t mean I have to look like it!

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